Hi, there!
This second version of my bestseller audio Add Loudness.
More powerful, more strong, more agresssive. Modern and happy. Good for add hot to night dance party, race video, game, background etc.
Add Loudness v2 – contemporary, groovy, energetic, youth track with a powerful rhythm guitar, rock bass, bright synths and rock drums. Aggressive, strong, war sound evokes burst of energy, drive and vigorous mood. Perfect for business presentations, sports, motorcycling, racing, actions, TV, movies, radio, underground, parties, commercial, hi-tech, advertising, or any other project that could use a hot, punchy, rhythmical, lively, youthful music such as a short film, documentary, video game, movie trailer, flash, web site, Youtube project, personal ipod or CD. Excellent for modern journeys, driving, racing games and other bold, forceful projects. Pepful, impetuous, catchy rhythm is very motivational and uplifting.
At the end of the track play clean drum loop – my present for a DJ’s.
You get 4 files:
1. Add Loudness v2 – wav + mp3 (with vocal sample).
2. Add Loudness v2 – wav + mp3 (without vocal sample).

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