The collection is comprised of 5 guitar pieces of the same style, each of them revealing various moods. All tracks were recorded in one session, which makes them similar in sound. Can be a nice musical score for the complicated projects, where it is necessary to reveal different moods, but at the same time preserve style integrity. All tracks ideally blend with each other.
Acoustic Guitar Pack is comprised of the following pieces:

  1. Cloudy Day: 1:17
  2. Reflections: 1:43
  3. Guitar Fantasy: 1:32
  4. Nice and Easy: 1:31
  5. Expectation: 1:48

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The pure, romantic track, wakening nostalgic, happy memories. Acoustic guitar, beautiful violins, bells, harmonica are used here. Could be a nice piece of background music for a celebration of wedding, birthday, Christmas, holiday, nomination, memorable achievement, graduation party, launch of a campaign, good for TV and films, movie, video, commercials, slideshow, presentations, events or for an advertisement.

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