Acoustic Background Fill – II (plus loop)

It’s an acoustic piece with guitar and strings.
Because of its quiet but sensitive mood, this piece is perfect for peaceful and natural footage, romantic, love and sentimental score, sensual motivational project. It’s also great wherever you want a non-distracting, smooth and pleasant audio-background.

The pack includes two versions of the theme, at 110 bpm and 100 bpm (which is a little slower). Each version is presented as a loop and full edition. So here’s the list of files you get:

1) Acoustic Background Fill – II (110).wav – 76 sec
2) Acoustic Background Fill – II Loop (110).wav – 61.091 sec
3) Acoustic Background Fill – II (100).wav – 81 sec
4) Acoustic Background Fill – II Loop (100).wav – 67.2 sec

In the preview you could hear two 110-bpm loops in a row.

Finally, you’re always welcome to check the similar upbeat acoustic items in my Acoustic collection. Thanks for stopping by! :)

If you want some custom edition of this piece, feel free to contact me. In simple cases this can be done for free.

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