About this song.

This warm, uplifting tune features bright acoustic picking and vibrant, lighthearted melodies throughout. Light ukelele strums and bouncy bongo rhythms give the chorus section an especially fun and optimistic feeling. Perfect for commercials, presentations, promos, and more, this folk-pop song is certain to leave a smile on your face and joy in your heart.


Acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, piano, ukulele, bongo, tambourine, and upright bass.

Included Tracks.

There are five variations included with this song, giving you ultimate flexibility. Here they are in order of appearance in the preview track:

  1. Full Song (As described above) 2:05
  2. 1 Minute Version (A minute long variation great for standard length commercial/video spots. Final chord around 0:59) 1:05
  3. 30 Second Version (A compact variation suitable for use as a musical intro/outro, or with shorter commercial/video spots. Final chord around 0:23) 0:30
  4. Main Chorus Loop (A seamlessly loopable version of the main chorus song section with bongos) 0:11
  5. Main Chorus Loop With Ending (A single main chorus with a clean, final ending. Use this on its own, or tack it to the end of the looped version for a seamless, complete song with the music length you need!) 0:18

Each variation is its own separate file, included as both a full resolution WAV as well as a high quality MP3 for quick and easy use over the web and portable devices.

Thank you!

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