A Perfect Day

A cheerful catchy melodic theme, played by guitar and xylophone over an ukulele-style guitar and a bouncing, clappy, light-hearted shuffle groove.
This optimistic and joyful tune is the perfect background for any project or presentation that needs an all through positive and happy atmosphere. Pictures of children playing on a sunny summer day, a nice trip to the countryside or enjoying a nice garden party with friends easily come to mind.

Easily Customize This Track!

For your convenience this item contains three ready to use versions with four loopable parts, so you can easily customize it according to the needs of your project. (Help file included)

“File Name” | Lenght | format | loopable? | Description

  • “A Perfect Day” |(3:22) | .wav and mp3 | no | Complete Track
  • “A Perfect Day_LOOP_A” | (1:52) |.wav | loopable| Short Version: First part
  • “A Perfect Day_LOOP_B” | (1:28) |.wav | Loopable |Short Version: Second part (1:52 to 3:22)

Loopable Core Parts:

  • “A Perfect Day_Interlude_LOOP” |(0:14) |.wav |loopable |Interlude
  • “A Perfect Day_Interlude_with_Melody_LOOP” |(0:14) |.wav |loopable | Interlude with Melody

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