The morning-rush montage: I am not a morning person. Mornings can be hectic for most people: getting the kids ready for school, getting yourself ready for work, or the last minute presentation preparation, sometimes we all wish for that montage. Montage music of the 1980’s can be inspiring, but also comical. You don’t want to mimic the cheesiness, but you certainly want to convey the desire to show snapshots of your progress that ultimately leads to success. The lightheartedness of this song lightens the energy of a whirlwind of tasks that need be accomplished in a timely manner.

Whimsy-melodic bells coupled with a bouncy bass, supported by upbeat drums and finished with light electric guitar emits positivity that gives you a jump-start to the day. High on the positivity, low on the mundane, and filled with motivation, this song might even be better than espresso.

Give it a listen—it gets you moving as efficiently as a freshly brewed espresso.

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