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Astonishing music for your motion graphics!

A Meaningful Moment is an astonishing soundtrack music for your impressive trailer video. It has a soft piano intro followed by a sudden break that brings in an astonishing and majestic symphonic rock instrumental. Perfect for building tension before stunning cinematic scenes or super slow motion pictures of nature, outdoor, sports and action. It may also serve well for games and impressive product presentations.

Bonus: 4 seamless loops included!

(Loops taken from the Full Track)
  • Meaningful (Full Track).mp3 (2:22)
  • Meaningful (Full Track).wav (2:22)
  • Meaningful LOOP Soft Piano.wav (0:12)
  • Meaningful LOOP Guitar and Piano Bridge.wav (0:12)
  • Meaningful LOOP Drums and Strings.wav (0:12)
  • Meaningful LOOP Full.wav (0:12)

Need a customized version?

You want a custom arrangement of this song to fit your project perfectly? No problem! Contact me through my profile for a quote. I try to handle all requests within 48 hours.

Sounds like: Symphonic Metal, Nightwish, Metallica, M83, Epica, etc.