Cinematic trailer sonic boom sound pack impact, explosion sounds collection.
Long deep sub bass impacts. Perfect for trailers, cinematics, websites, or even in music compositions, etc.
Used for transitional elements, movement, motion in music, video and television programming, web development, games, and etc.

List with the contain effects:
Name | Time | Duration |
Boom Sound1 : 00-05 sec : 5 secundum
Boom Sound2 : 05-14 sec : 9 sec
Boom Sound3 : 14-24 sec : 10 sec
Boom Sound4 : 24-30 sec : 6 sec
Boom Sound5 : 30-36 sec : 6.5 sec
Boom Sound6 : 36-41 sec : 5 sec
Boom Sound7 : 41-47 sec : 5.4
Boom Sound8 : 47-52 sec : 5.4

Please listen to my other sounds…. There there are various type of effects!!!!
I can alter music as it is necessary for you, and also to create new music which to you is necessary.
Contact me : anorganik(AT)gmail.com
To all VideoHive Authors – you are more than welcome to use any of my preview tracks in your video items! (please, do not forget to link to the music in your description, and drop me back e-mail, so I could update my item description too with the link to your item). Thanks!