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burningstonecold says

Hi Guys,

I’m in the market for a portfolio/blog theme for my site, At the moment I’m fairly busy with work and other commitments to create one myself.

I’ve seen a number of themes on here, but just cannot make up my mind as to which one.

I was thinking “To The Bat Mobile!”, but maybe that’s not the right path :P But in all seriousness, I would love if some here would be able to provide some (non-biased) advice as to the nicest visually appealing portfolio and blog WordPress theme.

I understand if people wouldn’t want to post their replies on the forums, and that is fine, if so feel utmost free to send me an email via my den page.

Once again, Thanks for the tips/advice in advance.

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PixelBin says

This is very bland advice but I’d say go with one of the popular Wordpress themes from epicera, maximus, system32, kriesi, etc because you know you’ll get top-quality stuff from very skilled authors.