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reubenchng says

I’m an avid user of Mac computers and I use Logic Pro! Love that piece of software. However the recent updates from Apple didn’t impress me so much, well after Steve Jobs wasn’t around anymore.

Then I was playing with a PC desktop that I barely used in the studio and I found it quite nice. The new windows OS that works with Nokia Lumia phones seems to really impressive.

In your opinion, will Windows take over Mac? Then I have to switch to another software from Logic Pro. :(

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jhunger says

I figured it would be the exact opposite! Windows has dominated in the personal computing and back office market for years now, but have certainly not been leaders in the surge of mobile solutions, and I honestly would be surprised if the Surface tablets make much dent in the popularity of iPads.

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OhmLab says

Nope. I think Mac will still reign supreme in the end. I worked with Apple for years and the roadmap is awesome. Constant and consistent vision, innovation and dedication to making higher standards the norm are what will continue to make the experience with their products superior in comparison. It’s not just that they are first to release new technologies. It’s that these ideas are born in their labs and within their development networks.

Windows, and MS in general, are becoming better at releasing follow up devices and software. But it’s not fluid for long. Too many things build up and work against them in the end. I cannot think of a single product they have introduced in the last decade that did not pale in comparison. They should continue to push hard against the competition in the gaming world. What they have accomplished with Xbox is far more promising (IMO) for them than products like Windows, Zune, Docs.com, Surface, Mediaroom, Kin Studio, Courier etc. (Do you even know what some of these products are?)

If anyone will take a serious run at Apple it will be Google. They have the money and growing resources to do it. BUT , they have one of the biggest problems that MS also has. They license there OS/software. Hundreds of different mobile devices, thousands of different developers… this has lead to an inferior experience for Android users. I can say this from having both iOS devices and Android. There is no comparison. There are too many small variable that come into play. Just look at the comments for ANY app download in their marketplace. They can’t even get all the phones to run the same version of the OS. Perhaps with time it improves, but the standard has already been set by Apple.

Apple has this locked down. They deal in cash and new ideas. They develop their own experience, not just hardware and software that work flawlessly (mostly) together. They have a serious leg up on anyone joining the game this late. They are not only the best at what they do, but they are also heroes for a lot of the most brilliant minds in the field. Their ability to recruit and maintain the right people to further Steve’s mission is unsurpassed at this time.

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BrownHouseMedia says

I am a mac user and love my mac…. but I am not sure apple will continue to be reign supreme. I also edit video and was appalled at the latest release of FinalCut. They announced to the world that they were abandoning the professional video market.

Also I was recently on a college campus and saw tons of college kids on their phones – out of at least 50 kids, only 3 or 4 were using iPhones.

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garethcoker Envato team says

Mac and PC user here, supporter of both.

I think Ohmlab’s key quote about Microsoft here is:

“Do you even know what some of these products are?”

Apple have the most amazing marketing campaigns ever. You throw a Microsoft product into their hands, let’s take the recent Surface for example, and I’d bet my house that journalists and the public would be drooling over it. That of course is something that is ‘earned’. Microsoft have never been good at selling their products, and there is still the consumer-end lack of trust because of the Vista debacle.

I’ll second Tim’s report on Final Cut X. Every editor I know has switched editing platforms. A great shame because Final Cut Pro was really onto something. It would not surprise me if the next version of Logic becomes Garageband Pro X. Logic is good but it has progressively fallen behind the field ever since Apple bought eMagic. It was a superior product when Apple first purchased eMagic, but now that playing field is more level than it has ever been on that front. But now we’re talking about software, and so…..

....I also think it’s worth pointing out that Microsoft are really a software company that dived into hardware. Apple are really a hardware company that has dived into software. It’s quite silly to compare the two IMO , but we do it anyway because it’s always a fun topic of debate! The only real hardware success Microsoft has had is with the Xbox. Miraculous considering the amazing success of the Playstation 1/2.

And yet, there are still so many flaws with even the current XBOX (mostly limitations on the game development side) I won’t bore you with it all. They have a lot to improve!

I think someone said it best when they stated that Apple are the best at bringing new ideas to the market, of that there is no question. In the quest of being the first to market though, they leave out functionality and options that they only address in later revisions of the product. These revisions and functionality options are almost always addressed by rivals, but the problem is it’s too late. The early bird catches the worm. Apple have a way of telling you that you want and need something even if you really don’t, most other tech developers honestly couldn’t market an orgy in a brothel….

Their products are considered superior in comparison, because when they are released, there is nothing to really compare them to, or at least that’s the PERCEPTION they give. They may very well actually BE superior!!! But it sure helps when the general public perception before it even gets into their hands is that it’s superior.

To be honest, I think it’s a shame that Apple and Microsoft are separate companies. I feel like, and Steve Jobs admitted this himself, that they have much to gain from fusing the ideas and philosophies both companies have together, but it will never happen.

Finally, anyone who is extolling the virtue of one company over the other in the gigantic technology space is really missing the point. It honestly doesn’t matter which is better. The more options the consumer has, the better. I’m not bashing either Microsoft or Apple here, both bring a lot to the table in many different ways. Both companies have gone through cyclical periods of success and failure, and I expect that to continue and for neither to ‘reign’.

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robGD Volunteer moderator says

I’d like to see another OS pop up at some point. Right now the competition is quite nice now with Win7 and OS X being pretty darn good as of late.

Like Gareth said though “The more options the consumer has, the better.” I hope neither wins and more enter the space. Maybe Amiga can make a comeback?

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reubenchng says

I’ll be pretty honest. I’ve never heard of Amiga before. hahaha. Maybe because i’ve always been a musician. Not so much of a tech geek

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RecycledRecitals says

If the question is about operating systems; Mac wins with user experience, PC wins for software support. Have you seen Valve’s Source Film Maker?? That’s the future of making music videos… won’t be supported on Mac for a while as usual.

If the question is about Microsoft Vs. Apple, I’m pretty sure we’re moving (as a collective consumer market) towards 1984 with Apple – like it or hate it – it’s happening.

I’ve worked in Apple’s corporate office (this was a few years before Steve Jobs passed), and they have an inspiring work atmosphere to say the least; with my experiences there, it was clear the company was healthy from the inside out, and their products and work consistently supported this. They treat their employees like gems, and offer amazing wellness opportunities.. they are consistently breeding quality, healthy individuals with a shared vision – I think it’s a no brainer that Apple will be hanging out for a while. I don’t care who takes over who – I just hope they continue to produce quality products.

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FarazSaremi says

I love Windows so much but I hope both company improve their products more and more.

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glutenfree4u says

I think apple will continue to be king, as a editor on a mac, I didn’t really like FCPX when they first released it, but over time now it has had great pro features added to it, and is great if you have a DLSR workflow, (i do)

I have to think that since windows does not really have any great exclusive programs for editing (this is from a video production guys standpoint, maybe they have exclusive’s for audio i don’t know) to speak of, cough windows movie maker cough i think people will go for the mac with the same programs they could run on windows (Adobe, Autodesk) since the experience is better,

I mean, the help part of the menu bar that follows me through all my applications is great.