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Well, I’ve been on the up and out… What does that mean, by the way? I should be getting another computer by tomorrow. Don’t know what I’ll do about the Internet though. Nice thread though. If I didn’t have my iPhone I’d have missed it. Nice to see something I like still going. Maybe I’ll come back.

Really good to hear from you, Ben! Glad you spotted the thread! Don’t worry, nobody really knows what to do about the Internet at this point. The whole experiment is getting a bit out of hand.

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Was a funnier and definitively more friendly place, but honestly, the only one making money at that time was DS, so i think i’ll stick here. :P

There were definitely a few top authors making good money back then, but I remember DS saying how he was making somewhere around $10k a month and that was extreme, which still would be. But now we’ve got some of the top authors on themeforest making $50k+ a month (no offense DS ;) )