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notahat Envato team says

White-water rafting through the jungle in Costa Rica was pretty good!

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Carmen says

@Travis – I had no idea you were in Japan when that happened, that would have been an intense experience. Did you get to photograph the cherry blossoms even though it was such a crazy time?

@notahat – I’ve never been white water rafting. I recall seeing many pictures of crocodiles from your trip to Costa Rica. I hope it wasn’t the same river!

My most recent adventure has been moving into my new (temporary) home in Nicaragua. It is beautiful here, with fantastic waves, monkey’s and lovely local people. :) I’m going to be working for Envato, surfing and helping out in the community for a few months. I’m going to be uploading pictures soon!

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MSFX Moderator says

@DS, wow that sounds incredible!!

Some of you have done some really amazing things for sure :)

My fiancée (now wife) and I travelled around New Zealand in a van and then a car for a couple of months, was incredible :)

Here are a few pics…


Carmen, you have to go white water rafting! Went down a 7m waterfall in NZ, was EPIC. Oh, and then you have to go black water rafting ;)

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pezflash says

Nice thread Carmen.
For years i’ve spent one month (sometimes bit more) per year to backpack around the world. Now my daily travel is to leave and pickup my little child from school. :) Hopefully i’ll be travelling with her again soon to such fantastic places i’ve been (India, Mali, Cambodia, Guatemala, Cuba, Moroc, Turkey…). If talking about adventure i would mention a really long boat trip on Amazonas river, i did almost 5.000km sailing from Peru to the Ocean, 40 days sleeping in hammocks and enjoying a relaxing life, adventures, great food and wonderful people. Will last on my mind forever.





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Japh says

Wow, such an amazing collection of adventures!

My wife and I have had our share of adventures too, actually. When I first started at Envato, we were trekking around Europe on our way back to Australia from living in the UK.

@ToivoMedia: Lauterbrunnen is one of my favourite places. I’ve been back there a few times. Also called the Valley of the 72 Waterfalls, apparently it was where Tolkien got his inspiration for Rivendell!

Probably my two most intense moments were:

About to board a train from Gomel (Belarus) to Moscow (Russia), and I see a guy pull a gun from his trenchcoat pocket, check the magazine, and put it back in his pocket. Then he, with two big guys flanking him, walks over to us to ask where we’re from and why we’re in his country. We answered, and he turned out to be friendly enough, but we were scared to start with. Then he told us he’d drunk a litre of beer and a litre of vodka on the way to the train… and we were scared again ;)

The other: my wife and I had hired a small boat from Hvar (Croatia) to go around the Pakleni Otoci islands and have some lunch. The guy we hired the boat from said to take it for the whole day, just be back before 6pm. We found a lovely bay and had lunch. It was absolutely beautiful! Then we decided to continue on around the island just to see what’s around. What the guy didn’t tell us, is that between about 1pm and 3pm, you should find a bay and stay there. The water started to get really rough, so we thought “crap, better head back to Hvar before we get stranded out here”... bad move. We made it back, but were VERY shaken up, and the boat was full of water, and we had very white knuckles.

We also had some awesome fun adventures: swimming in the blue lagoon in Iceland, a gondola ride in Venice, eating haggis in the Scottish highlands, an amazing street market in Budapest, spending a week driving around Wales, going to the Top of Europe in Switzerland, visting the Berlin wall…

Man I miss travelling! Better do some more… who’s going to come say hi to me at WordCamp Europe? :)

Back at home for now though: (Photo courtesy of my wife)

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volumens says

So I’m currently working remotely for Envato and have been in Guatemala for almost 2 weeks now. It’s an incredible country with lots of exciting things to do – caving with candles, jumping into rushing rivers, hiking etc.. It got me thinking: – What adventures have you been on? - And do you have any great/ scary stories of your travels to share? I’ll definitely be adding some of my own! :D

Are you still in Guatemala? Nice to know you came here and yes, Guatemala is beautiful. Did you go to Panajachel, Tikal, Antigua?

I went to Barcelona last month to a Red Bull skateboarding competition and I have to say, I’M IN LOVE WITH BARCELONA, I want to live there.

Guatemala is awesome but not in the city, where I live. It’s dangeours, dirty and pour.

So if anyone is looking for a web designer in Barcelona, I’m in.

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Crusader12 Envato team says

Sam & Max Hit the Road.

:P and Monkey Island!

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Bedros says

Sam & Max Hit the Road.
:P and Monkey Island!

Hmmmm, Monkey Island, Lee Chuck’s Revenge , Guybrush Threeeeeepwoodd ?
That was all about one of my best Adventures on Wonderful Amiga 500 :)

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