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The upload page says the following: “If your music loops seamlessly, please select “Yes”. Otherwise, please select “No”.”

I only have one track that is actually made specifically as a loop, however many of my tracks have pauses/gaps that would make them easy to find points to be able to loop seamlessly. My question is do they qualify for a yes? If not what are the thoughts out there on loop edits being included? Are they worth the extra work?

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The file has to be a finished loop that you can just drop into any sequencer/DAW without extra work to qualify for a “yes”.

A loop is always nice to have, and I include them sometimes, but honestly, no, I do not think it makes a difference in number of sales.

In order to use a loop correctly one would have to have a real audio editing program, and if that is the case, I would think that that editor could just as easily make his/her own loop.