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MoeHaydar says

I have a device that uses SOAP/API. (there is an sdk, but i havent looked into it yet.)

I want the web app to always listen to that device, and each time a new data is sent the app does something.

What is the best technique ?

  • Do i use an event listeners? (update the app once an event occurs), this requires js/ajax .. maybei’ll use angularJS.
  • Do i have to use sockets ?
  • Is there something else ?

Language isn’t a priority, i can work with any web technology and any server-side language.

I have done this for non-web applications using java, air for desktop (sockets to serial using serproxy).

The reason i ask is because a company wants my opinion about the best technique to approach this.

We might also hire someone to work on the system. Price is between $3K-$6k. Nothing is sure yet.