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bosone says

Since I really love stats, i would like to have improved stats functionalities, such for example being able to download a single text files with all my items and their views, including when the item was viewed and how many times, since the upload date.

now it is very annoying and almost useless. you have to load a single item and choose the month. then you cannot download any stats, so its very difficult to understand how the views are linked to your promotion activity… and it’s also very difficult to understand which items need more attention because they are not visited. also, i don’t understand the referrals and searches pages. i have items with several views but with the referrals and search pages blank. what does this mean??

also, it would be useful to download all the referrals and searches combined for all the items, to have a broader view of how you are being found.

what do you think??

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gballx says

That sounds very good to me

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Celestial-Sound says

This sounds like a great idea bosone! It would be awesome to have some stats of your profile views aswell, i really don’t like the ’’flag counter’’ haha.