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doru says

my reason as author, is that I’m waiting too much in the queue line.

Currently on videohive there is just a certain number of items to be fit on homepage, when this number is reached the reviewers will stop and wait for a certain time to allow item exposure. This means you need to wait for those items to have a minimum time exposure. More items, more authors, more waiting time.

As authors we are not happy with waiting times and homepage exposure, but note that less queue waiting time means less homepage exposure. We are in a nice catch 22. we can’t be happy either ways. So we need a new homepage.

I will also like to ask if the staff can confirm if someone works on a new homepage concept in this moment, and if yes how much time we need to wait till we will see the changes

Maybe most of authors will not be on the same idea as me but I’m willing to let go the presence of new items on frontpage if the queue waiting time will go under 24 hours.

Review my item in under 24 hours and delete the “new items clutter thumbnail list” from the frontpage. I will not protest. If is under 24 hours of review time.

Did someone works on a new homepage?

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SamBerson says