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ThemeWork says

Yes! We are looking for an individual developer

We are going to make the transition to ThemeForest, off course we will remain active on GR.


- HTML /CSS and a great understanding of Javascript and jQuery (know your web frameworks) - Wanting to be part of a successful TF team and are able to self manage in this team - Good portfolio and - Have a sense of humor (very important :) )

You will be working with 1 or 2 designers per project, you will always receive 50% of the earnings regardless of the # of designers per theme. (max 2)

If you’re an individual developer and are interested in creating working themes from great designs send us an email at themevvork@gmail.com

(or a personal reply to s.lagcher@gmail.com)

ps: Currently we are also working on a major platform experience, there is a chance of joining this team as well if it’s up to par.