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Hi, just wanted to note that the documentation some developers include is utterly useless. I’m heavily into purchasing javascript products and though I’m new here, of the five products I’ve purchased this week three of the docs have been a pile of rubbish, and have led to rather lengthy conversations with the developers.

Think perhaps many developers here (though not all, obviously) need to create documents that;

  1. assume an idiot is reading them and not a seasoned master!
  2. include a live demo in the package, so that sections of the code can be copied directly into a page.
  3. use a “normal” folder layout so that scripts, images and styles can be moved simply

The upshot of this would ultimately make for happier customers and less time answering stupid questions.

A good example is the developer “NuvuScripts” – Utterly amazing product, perfect doc and an equally perfect file layout, the upshot was a five star rating and a short and sweet thank you message on the products comment area …... Oh and a customer that will return to buy again.

Grats, Lee:)

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+1. Spend a little more time writing your documentation and you will spend A LOT less time with support emails.

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+1. I just improved my documentation files by adding more screenshots and more usage examples.