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uDesignStudios says
I think its a little weird because they look like file who got massive sales in a short period of time .. wich I am sure result in more click on it ..
+1 this looks really weird and if I were a buyer I would think that this item is Extremely Good because it performed very well in just 2 days. This, I think, should not be that way.

+1 From the point of new marketplace user, or casual visitor there is no difference at the moment between new template and older updated one. Buyers should be able to distinguish at the first glance that there is some kind of difference between those files.

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DDStudios says
As mentioned many, many times before these marketplaces desperately need an update section – just like popular files – but away from the main focus of the home page that people can visit and view – also need to show updates of files buyers have purchased as notifications on their home pages (profile pages). Just sayin’


Edit: Dany that “Free File” badge looks sooo shiny!! :D I want one I’ll consider it.-

Yeah huh ? I think so too :)

Sorry for the off topic guys.