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placdarms Envato team says

I’ve build some experience being a reviewer on VideoHive for almost a year now. Several small issues that seams so logical, but still so many people just miss them. So I decided to put together a small tips & tricks video tutorial series. At the moment there are 4 videos and will be added more.

Some of the things you might now already, some might be new to you. After all – those small tiny things are those who either make your client happy or frustrated. For example: Did you know that if you use a custom work panels set in After Effects – this layout is saved with your project and whoever opens your project gets his workspace re-arranged in your way? Reviewing tons of submissions every day I’ve noticed this. I think not many authors know that they’re potentially messing-up their client’s layout. Keep your clients happy and they’ll come back for more.

Videos added to the same old Marketplace Tips category: http://placdarms.lv/marketplace-tips

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3dbacks says

....good tip, I know, when I shutdown Comp, AE remember initial state…

I make my project, and let’s say, Camera in Scene 4, is Left- (in 3d View Pop Up) ,I restart my Comp, open my project Camera is Left:) – and for Buyers!

(AE have good memory), sometime good, sometime not…

I save my AE, open, check, and if layout is not good, I know what to do:)


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steve314 says

Useful tips Placdarms, thank you!