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mrbryce2000 says

Greetings, All. I am desperate to find an announcements template to use for my school’s drama productions. Something like what you see in movie theaters at the beginning (i.e. no talking, silence cell phones, restrooms are located…).

I have spent hours looking through many After Effects templates. Does anyone have any ideas? I’ve tried to create this in Premiere, but would like something more professional.

Thanks ahead of time for your help!

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butlerm says

Only file that I have that might help you out is if you do a search for: Realistic Red Curtains Opening

Not sure if that falls into the category of items your looking for or not.

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MarkBrodhuber Staff says

I doubt you’re going to find any existing projects that fit that bill exactly. You’re much better off grabbing any text-focused project and customizing it to say the phrases you need it to.

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StrokeVorkz says

You can look at my portfolio, “cinematic elegant curtain” it is a opener with logo placeholder