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TheShady says

Hello People,

A good user called urbazon suggested me to post this thread, well some of my files were rejected.

below are the files, please tell me whats wrong with my files, so the rejection wont occur again in the future.

http://soundcloud.com/theshady/the-infinite-road http://soundcloud.com/theshady/so-many-challenges http://soundcloud.com/theshady/skeletons-in-closet

Thank You.

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Sophonic says

I thought Skeletons in closet has a lot of potential, cool track. The other 2 tracks the first thing I noticed was the drumming. The drumming seems to go off beat and out of time, maybe use a midi drum program so it can be perfect. I like the piano with delay on “So many challenges”, will be a great song with some minor tweaking. The first track infinite road just seems like it needs some kind of top layer or something to spice it up. Also on that track you can hear the guitar punching in and out almost randomly. Biggest issue is drumming, look into a drum program, they even have already made beats that you can use, it makes writing music faster when you don’t have to mess around with getting drums perfect. Biggest advice is listen to what is selling good on here and try to match quality(not copy of course). Use the review email to motivate you to make your tracks better and aim to get approved, don’t let it get to you and make you give up. -Ryan

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SonicCube says


I have listened to your tracks on Soundcloud. As Ryan allready mentioned, there is something wrong in the first two tracks with timing. In track one it’s the drums that are most of the time not synced, and in the seconf track it’s the piano chords which are out of time. The third track “skeletons” is the one you should keep on working at, and make it to a final work.

You allways have to ask yourself, if there would be any reason some customer would buy your file ? WHat is the reason he exaclty chooses your track compared to others ? You also have to understand, customers here do not buy tracks to listen, but to use them in a commercial product like a video or footage etc. So, is you work up to this standarts ? I’m not talking about taste here, this is not possible to justify, but the quality of your work.

I’m sure, if you keep on working hard, there will soon be one of your tracks in the Audiojungle markeptlace :)

Good luck

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TheShady says

thank you SonicCube and SophonicMedia now i will work hard promise, and my files were rejected because i didn’t added audiojungle watermark to my previews. thanks everybody.

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MD9 says

In addition to the good points already brought up think about dynamics. That means varying the loudness (artistically) throughout the song and also within drum beats and such. All these songs sound like they are just bashing everything at 100% volume. Especially on So Many Challenges, it starts off nice and quiet but then you added on some really loud drums. The song sounds like it is supposed to have a mellow feel but you have these obnoxious drums bashing away.

Skeletons is your only song that I really find interesting at all but it is basically the same riff the whole way through. Very flat. It has that trailing off bit at the end which is a nice idea but it needs work too. I find the rhythm of the synth at the end awkward.

I hope this bit of advice helps you improve.

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