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garethcoker Envato team says

Not a fan of the M-Audio monitors. The sound is really not accurate at all compared to other monitors. But this of course is just my opinion.

A brand I’m surprised hasn’t cropped up more is the proven Genelec band. Even their cheaper stuff is really great. All depends on your budget though.

Also, if money is no object (though they do have good lower budget options) then you can’t go wrong with Adam Audio.


If they are good enough for film composers John Powell and Christopher Young….... :)

P.S. This was my 100th post on Audiojungle!

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BCrutchfield Envato team says

Yeah Genelec makes some really amazing speakers. I’ve been in a lot of studios that use the Genelec 8’s, and my college had Genelec 4’s in every room pretty much – they are awesome.

$5k for a pair of 8’s is something I probably won’t be able to swing for quite a few years, but my VXT8s are pretty awesome too. If you’re on a budget but want really amazing speakers you should check KRK out. I personally don’t care for the way their Rokit line sounds, but the VXT6 and 8 both sound great to my ears (the 4 is honestly too small if you want to hear any well defined bass).