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dc3000 says

I’d like to do soundeffects that last longer than a second but don’t wnat to add the flashden audio watermark as that is longer thna the actual sound fx. Any suggestions?

(Anyway to edit the thread title? Spelling went mental!)

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kcman0112 says

i have a few that are in between but i mark them as a second because its just a sound effects if someone wants to steel them and go through the trouble of recording and editing instead of paying a realy cheap amount for audio thats up to them but you should be safe just useing the audio as is

honestly if they even wanted they could download yours and others and mix them tweek them and make a new sound effect and post it back up and make money but most people that are looking just dont have the time, or programs to do so.

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ryan says

Hey dc3000,

We recommend encoding the preview mp3 as a low bitrate (low quality). So if the person is so inclined to steal the preview file they’re not getting same quality of the paid file.