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I’ve noticed a fair amount of business card templates on GR with small type and very fine detail reversed out.

Some of the other market places that sell business card templates don’t accept cards with type reversed out if the type is smaller than 6pt, also as a general rule for printing – small type should be made from a solid color – does GR enforce any standardization regarding printing limitations? eg. in my country, a printed item with type smaller than 7pt reversed out of more than one color won’t print very well (unless a finer screen is requested), but on the other hand, I have clients in the US who use printers that easily hold a register on a print job with the same specs.

I know that printing trends and technologies differ from country to country so here’s my question – What is the smallest type size acceptable for print templates when the type is reversed out of more than one color?

Or as a suggestion, print files with delicate detail should include a print spec sheet to inform buyers that the card will look best when printed at _# line screen (similar to Theme Forest items that say that the following files are compatible with the following browsers.)

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You have got a very valid point so I thought I’d add to it.

There are two ways to print – traditional lithographic with a plate for each ink, and digital. The specs are different for each. I have used litho print for a long time and the smallest I would be comfortable with for reversed out type is 7pt. I would be happy to go to 6pt for digital as you don’t generally have the risk of registration problems.

If you are printing your tiny type in a solid black I would say you can print at 5pt but that really is pushing it.

I totally agree small type should be solid colour. I would also avoid thin/extra light type weights.

Print spec sheets would be a tricky one because specs may change from printer to printer anyway. But as a rule of thumb 133 – 175 line screen is going to be best for any colour work.

And of course if you are printing from a Photoshop file it’s going to have to be 300ppi (although I think you are always better off using an InDesign file for print work anyway).


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