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Unfortunately I had my first tutorial rejected because “the tutorial does not meet our quality standards, and that tutorials of a similar quality are easily available for free elsewhere.” Wouldn’t the review process be faster if we send a final result preview first like the upload process on the Envato tutorial sites? I think that would help both the writer and Envato by not wasting time.

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I agree.

I spent about 4 hours writing a tutorial just to be rejected. I certainly won’t be uploading any more tutorials any time soon.

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Envato team
just my 2 quids worth ! looking at the ‘tuts’ they seem to very strict ? but i for one would welcome more than is on offer at moment ’ maybe for a reason ‘that maybe give that a lesser well known person may have a chance and prove themselves.. more should be given a chance ’’stars will speak for the value’’ open it up and let it speak for what its worth ’’ people like me speak with fork tonge ‘even with qa’u’ fork’ speaking as a buyer ’’ im saying this ‘if its crap it wont sell ’’ open up the levels because some will become better than more advanced ’’just give people a chance… ive seen so many projects get advertised on here ‘and even a muppet like me has to scratch me head ?.. why is this ? and they sell f* all ’ there’s somthing very wrong here ‘[ good luck

everyone should be given a chance ’ there’s so many that dont sell nothing in many cat’s that’s listed now ? so open it up and give people a chance.

most things are free ’’ and yes they are ,, just give those a helping hand and let the people judge and not u ’ who decide ’’ open it up ???

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marketplace its flooded with old tutorials from tutsplus. its normal to not have place for something new. just to let you know envato i didn’t like this move. I know no one cares about my little opinion, but just wanted to say this. :)

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It’s a bit like submitting a tutorials to one of the tuts plus websites, you first submit a tutorial pitch and if they like you make it.

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Hi All. The decision to make the Premium tutorials available here for individual sale is something that quite a few of our regular readers have requested over the years, so this is a long time in the making. I appreciate your opinion though.

With pitching tutorials, that’s a good suggestion, and there is certainly merit in the suggestion. Our marketplaces are all structured on the premise of reviewing final material though, and that is likely to be the structure we stick to in the near future. Thx.

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