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Creattive says

Please stop the self promotion, this thread is for videohivers recommending audiojungle authors only. It would be nice if a mod can delete all the self promotion posts in here. We have enough of those threads.
I’m sorry Creattive, I thought it would be a good idea to post my stuff here, since I don’t do so much motivational music like many people do on AJ, and this post was about non-creative music on AJ. I understand your point of view though, so I flagged my post. Peace! :)

It’s nothing personal, we just want this thread to be a good ressource for motion graphers looking for audio. And who can judge that better than actual motion graphers? :) Every audiojungle author thinks his music is different and better and should have some more exposure.

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MographMark says

my personal fav is garethcoker, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I start making templates based entirely on his music.
Put a link….