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ChristineWilde Envato team says

Hey everyone,

I want to ask people that use Tumblr and have bought themes if responsive design is something that you look for in a theme. I’m thinking of possibly going over all my themes and creating responsive versions for iphone and ipad, etc.

Also authors who are selling responsive themes, do you think the responsive design adds value, sales, interest to your themes?

What do you think?

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iamthwee says

Obviously, when you’re building a responsive theme, some of the bells and whistles a desktop theme offers needs to be cut out, or coded with a workaround as such.

It seems that lots of WP hot selling themes are now responsive and the general consensus is that responsive themes are the future. It won’t be long before making your theme responsive, becomes a requirement I think… In any case it’s a good idea to have that in your arsenal of ‘things you can.’