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andre28 says

For the second time, one of my item has been rejected for the marketplace, but approved on creattica gallery…

Now, we all know how difficult and selective is to be accepted on creattica, so how is possible that here on GR the item need more improvement?

Since is the second time that this happen to me, i was wondering what do you, all authors, think about it.

BTW now i modified slightly my design and uploaded again here, but to me is a bit disappointing to have lost around a week waiting for 2 reviews (because in the first email there was no explanation about the review and support answered me late), and now for the 3rd time do again all the queue…

moreover is a bit disappointing to see designs that are the same layout but with different colors, sold like “different” layouts; or 8-10 pages designs priced more than 16-18 pages, with, in my honest opinion, same overall quality.

I believe that there should be a more accurate review guideline for prices; i can understand real good designs are priced a bit more, but doesn’t seem to happen in this way to me..

thanks for the attention.


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tanpopo says

sei un grande.

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canimalition says
silenceplease said
sei un grande.


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PatrikL Reviewer says

@Stockindesign, Self Promotion on the forums aren’t allowed. Please read our note on Self Promotion here.