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Star_ik says

hi, everybody… I have such problem… I brought 33 persons who were registered according to my referalny link to a site…. People come every month…. But what income from them I why didn’t see never… Really so silly people to come here just like that? Or can do it all the same any internal error of a site?

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Twisterium says

Hi, Starik. I don’t know if this information would be useful for you but during the last couple of months I had about 1000 referral clicks. Only 11 of them have registered on the marketplace. And only 4 have bought something here. So it means only 0,4 percent of referral clicks brings money. (in my case). Is there internal error or something in your account – I don’t know. It’s just information of me. PS: Probably those your 33 persons were not potential byers, but authors-beginners. Anyway, I hope your situation will be changed.