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Wital says

Reason it’s very good program for electronic music.

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MagnetStudios says

So now I have reason 5.0, Cubase 5.0 and yesterday I purchased Sonar X1 producer. It was either that or upgrade to Cubase 6. While I like Cubase, I have some old VST plug-ins such as hypersonic and virtual bassist, neither of which work in Cubase causing it to crash, plus I have the 32bit version which is pretty crappy considering I have a 6 core 64 bit machine and most of my plugs are 64 bit. So I bought Sonar. I must say I’m impressed, while the GUI is a bit more cluttered than Cubase, over 2 screens it’s okay and I’m finding my way around easily enough. What impresses more though is the FX that ship with Sonar especially the percussion channel strip, which makes a great job of tidying up and tightening drums. I’d like to know if anyone else uses Sonar and what they think of it?