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Well i dont know whether this is the right category to ask the question. But i will start by thanking Envato for its rich source of tutorials. Second of all it seems Envato has tutorials for almost everything.

So i was wondering is there any tut place for Envato or are you guys planning on something that is related to Networking.

I mean i how should i explain, its more like how datas are transferred around the internet. How they are being decoded and encrypted and stuff like that. Abit of more complex stuff.

I know i am being pretty vague, but i was just wondering.

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Envato team

I am having some difficulties skimming through the vagueness of your question. If you would like to have an answer, yet don’t wish to post the question publicly, please feel free to contact me through my profile page, and I will do whatever is needed to get you an answer to it :)

p.s: please be blunt, I’m not really fond of vague questions :D


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Something like protocolsTuts+?

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It would be nice to have a Tuts+ for `Server Management`, Networking is a big topic but most people just dont need to know all of it, they just need the basics and that will be good enough for them to live day by day. (OSI Modal, Binary, Sub-netting and a bit of ios (Cisco’s OS for device management).. The may be more but it cant think of anything.

Server Management can span further, from basic installing ubuntu server, locking it down, to installing nginx with php and different configs on each site, then even some basic networking… also you could span from Windows Server to Ubuntu, CentOS.. lots..