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garyc40 says


I just uploaded my WordPress plugin. I assumed that the first screenshot will be used as the primary screenshot (which is shown in the plugin’s description page: http://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-community-links/116884).

However, in my case, the 4th image is used.

I read the upload guide, it says I need to name the screenshots like this: 1_Something.jpg, 2_AnotherScreenshot.jpg etc.

I thought the number in the filename is used to sort the images, however this is not the case for my plugin. The screenshots are not in the order I preferred: http://codecanyon.net/theme_previews/116884-wordpress-community-links .

Could you show me how to specify a screenshot to be the primary one, and how to sort the list of screenshots?



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Webnet668 says

Can you tell me where you found this upload guide? I’ve been looking for one and haven’t been able to hunt it down. It’d be nice if they added a link under the option field to view the guide!