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I’m thinking about going exclusive, but have one question before I commit. Right now I’m selling on AudioJungle along with three other sites. Sales have been great, but I want to take it to the next level. I currently have around 100 tracks on these other sites, and do not want to have to remove these songs in order to go exclusive with AudioJungle, assuming this is a stipulation of going exclusive. I have noticed that some contributors have two profiles (one exclusive and one non-exclusive) as a workaround to this issue. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. By the way, my brother-in-law said that going exclusive is like flipping on a switch in regards to financial gains. Exclusive members, do you feel that this is an accurate statement?

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I just signed up for an exclusive account today, which makes 2 accounts for me so I am no expert on the financial gain of it. I am going to dedicate time each week to upload a few exclusive tracks to Audio Jungle, and then a few non exclusive tracks too. It would be a real pain to remove all your tracks which is what you’d probably have to do. I say just make two accounts, and kind of start all over again.

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I also made exclusive account a week ago and have few items in the queue. We will see how it goes :)

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Hi VogelAudio!

First of all, you have to keep the non exclusivity on this account; in this way you can still sell items elsewhere, without any problems. Second, if you want to sell on AJ, in exclusive way, sign up with new account (with a name little bit different from this one). You can start selling items here exclusively, increasing the earnings from your sales.

The point is that you can’t sell the same items on other sites and on AJ with your exclusive account: this is a must. Let’s make an exemple. You have an item for sale on other 10 sites, which title is “HAPPY” . You can sell it with your “VogelAudio” account on AJ. If you have an item which title is “HAPPY” and you sell it here in your “new exclusive account” you can’t sell it elsewhere.

Now, my opinion is that worth it to sell on AJ with an exclusive account. First reason is because earnings grow with sales; further, with sales you gain a lot of benefits, such as exposure on Popular Files sections, top author section etc; furthermore, this community is GREAT! :)

Well, I hope I’ve hit the problem and i was helpful. Cheers mate!

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