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Shaktal says


I just wondered whether there were any plans to increase the number of reviewers for the presentation category, because at the moment it takes a long time for any presentations to get reviewed, and then they all get reviewed at once, meaning the first uploaded gets a very short time on the front page, and will probably get little sales.

For example, there are currently 5 presentation templates in the reviewing queue, of which mine is the first, and it has been there for 7 days, yet the others which have been there for less time will most probably be reviewed at the same time. :)

I think more reviewers would be a good idea. Especially since GraphicRiver is one of the fastest expanding marketplaces. :)


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NechitaPaulFlavius says

I think all of us are wondering that.Hopefully some of us will get to do that, while others already do.

Good luck mate,maybe soon i’ll get my files reviewed by you.