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I had my first files [finally] reviewed and wanted to ask some questions – probably questions echoed throughout this forum; so please bear with me…

So, in an effort to maintain the integrity of my sanity and to hopefully help in not wasting my and the reviewers’ time, here goes:

1. Had some soft rejections based on mono files. TOTALLY my fault. I read the stereo submission rules, but somehow ASSumed that was aimed towards music and not sound effects.

Well, my bad for assuming. You know what they say about doing that! haha…

Some comments about that: Wouldn’t sound effects be exempt from the stereo requirement? If it’s recorded in mono, then shouldn’t it be delivered that way?

This isn’t something I’m going to argue, because it’s not really a major deal – just more of an observation. If AJ wants to take up more space on their servers for stereo files when they could have been mono, then by all means I’m happy to take up their space.

2. The majority of my rejections (and apparently many future rejections) are for the following:

” Unfortunately, your main file appears to be a variation of one of your existing submissions.”

I can’t quite wrap my head around this one in the context of sound effects. What exactly constitutes a “variation”?

Some examples for clarification:

A) Let’s say, for example, I record a refrigerator. I record the noise from the lower back of the fridge; then the upper back; then from the top; then I pull it away from the wall and record the sound directly. All of those close mic’ed. Then I do the same as before but further away. So all of these are considered a “variation”?...despite the fact that they each have their own individual sound signature and [to me] sound different…

So in this case I need to create a “refrigerator pack” with all of these sounds [at a higher price]?

For someone needing just one particular sound, wouldn’t it be better to offer just the one sound of the fridge at say $1 than them having to buy a pack at a higher price? Seems like I’m shooting myself in the foot by offering variety.

I thought variety was a good thing. Guess not huh?

b) Continuing with the refrigerator example, what if I record my neighbors fridge? Would that be a “variation” even though it really has a completely different sound? Or if the thinking “all fridges sound more or less the same” holds true for most, then let’s change it to cars.

Say I record a Corvette’s engine. Then later record a Mercedes engine. Then a Ford Taurus. “Variation” or no?

C) I’ve perused through many of the other sound effects authors here. I’ve found that some of their packs contain sound effects that they’re also selling individually. For example, I found some individual laugh sound fx that the author also included in a “laughter pack”.

Somehow that seems like it shouldn’t be allowed. If not, then I can upload a “Refrigerator Pack” and later cherry pick a few sample from that and upload them individually? Sounds like that would work nicely.

D) I’ve found instances where someone has for sale SOUNDFX_NAME 1, and SOUNDFX_NAME 2. Both sound pretty similar. So how were they able to offer their sound effects separately that are obviously a ‘variation’?

Is this just a matter of uploading them a few weeks apart in the hopes of getting a different reviewer who won’t notice they already have a variation? That’s the only thing I can think of. Or maybe they were uploaded before some policy change.

Ok everyone, that’s about it. I’m probably going to be a victim of my own long writing and not get a lot of my questions answered! haha… But please do help me understand better.

It seems for every rule in AJ there’s a contradiction somewhere in the library! It makes it really confusing when you search for similar samples of what you’re about to upload and find multiple variations, uploaded at 96k sample rate, etc…

I think some overhauling is definitely in order.

Thanks for your help!

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I almost forgot to add a couple more items for clarification. Simple ones really…

It appears once your item is rejected, if you resubmit it again [with the proper changes] then it goes to the back of the queue? So I’ll have to wait another 11 days for them to review?

Also, what happens in a case where it’s rejected but only because of the reviewers negligence? One of my files was rejected because of “variation”, but I had absolutely no uploads of that particular sound (baby crying). It was the only one. I had a bunch of “baby laughing” before that one…so obviously they didn’t look well enough at the name and made a mistake.

So basically, I’m penalized for their mistake? And there’s no clear way to get it quickly re-reviewed other than to spend my time to re-submit? Wow….what a hole in the system if that’s true.

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You’re pretty analytical (just like me hah) , judging by your text you’re slowly getting the hang of it so you don’t really need any help, you’ll figure it all out in time.

  • Yes the reviewers don’t like variations of the same sound being submitted separately. Learn that and remember it =). If you have variations of a car engine/refrigerator, 3 short sounds – I find it correct to upload one sumbission as “Refrigerator (3 variations)” , and if your have about 10 sounds, then submit it to the Packs as “Refrigerator Pack” . But whether it’s variations or a pack, people still like to hear the difference. Having 10 sounds of the same refrigerator recorded with 10 different mics from 10 different positions …. that’s a bit too much, the basic idea of the sound is the same – it’s a refrigerator. A person would basically go through the sounds thinking “What the hell is this ..it’s all the same”.

I don’t think there’s a big market for sounds with such slight differences. I find it (but maybe I’m wrong) that people come here for definite sounds, and audible variations : “door open, door close, door slam, door creak”


“door open_Rode, door open_Sennheiser, door open_AKG”

And expect more inconsistencies in their criteria in the future. You’ll always see items that are not allowed, but yet they have been approved. Too many submissions – lots of place for errors on the reviewers’ side. When you finally start getting approved, as time passes you’‘ll start getting more and more certain that your submissions will be approved. You learn what sells, and what sells – the reviewers always approve.

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