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timmylogue says

I been searching and trying to get this to work. I’ve gotten really close but I don’t want to screw this up because I have about 250 directories and I have to make sure I delete what I need deleted :D

OK, So I have about 250 directories and inside those directories there is a folder called “myImages”

Can any help me out and give me a example on how to delete “myImages” from all 250 directories? Just “myImages” tho.

I thought I would ask the pro’s instead of me screwing up something ;)

Thanks! Timothy

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amzee says

This is quite easy ;)


1. Recursively read all the dirs 2. Get the absolute path of all the ‘myimages’ into a data structure say ‘Array’ 3. Run the process on new built array
foreach($dirs as $k=>$dir)

hope this helps!