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miseld says
cyzer said
Misel are you happy with Payoneer ? can you tell the sums that you withdraw and how much money do you loose ? I am planning to withdraw for the first time and I am thinking which method to choose.

thinking about to withdraw 700 – 1000$

If you don’t want to talk publicly could you email me about your time while using it?
Here it is:
  • Envato Apr 2011 Commission Payment: 1287.95$
  • Immediate load fee payment 22** 5.00$
  • Monthly Maintenance 3.00$
  • ATM Withdrawal International 1279.95$

    That’s it…

    P.S. When you receive card you have: Activation fee (only once) $24.95

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    Nissim_Payoneer says

    @Anjum: At the moment we only support ACH transfers from the prepaid card account for US residents, to a US bank account.

    We do offer a local bank transfer service, with participating partner programs and countries, however you would have to either choose the prepaid card or the LBT service (not both).

    @Miseld: That’s correct, the activation fee is one-time only, and if you make more than 5 transactions in a month, the next month’s monthly fee will only be $1.00.

    Nissim | Payoneer Community Manager | payoneer.com

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    danihlm says

    I´ve read about locking cards not used for 60 days. I frequently charge my account from my paypal account, but I plan to use my card when I will travel (next March). Maybe my card is locked? If yes, do I have to do some action?

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    Nissim_Payoneer says

    If your Payoneer account is entirely inactive for an extended period of time, we may disable your card (mainly for security reasons). Your Payoneer account remains active, however, and you can continue to receive payments.

    You can then sign into your Payoneer account at any time and automatically enable the card, free of charge (and within minutes).