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Hey guys I found this article with an insane amount of packs designs.

There are quite a few amazing designs – http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2008/06/02/beautiful-and-expressive-packaging-design

Experiment, be creative. I’ll see you on the queues.

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Another great resource is The Dieline ..it’s the #1 packaging blog online, so you should be able to find just about anything there :)

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We can not forget one thing, it later to avoid confusion! Packaging design is closely related to graphic design, but these two things do not always go together. Sometimes packaging design requires graphics support, and sometimes it is superfluous. If we want to make a super high-quality packaging category, we must consider whether the packaging design includes graphic design (perhaps the authors want to sell the kit). Many of us do not understand what they buy, someone wants to buy a package design, and someone wants to buy a graphics solution. It should introduce two sub-categories: Packaging design and graphics solutions for the existing packaging. If we want to have a unique innovative packaging solutions, only in this way is feasible. Regards