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Sound OK, the Whistling is definitely weird and timing is strange to….. Popular authors do work on promoting there work full time, at some point it will work out!

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There’s definitely a place for this song out there. It’ll sell. In the mean time you can work on it. If that’s a whistle sample I think it’s pretty good. Maybe a differently little melody would work better, or doing variations on the melody. (Unless this is just a straight one-shot sample as opposed to a keyboard-playable sampled whistle.) I have three tracks with whistling, two with what I think is actually synthesized whistling: http://audiojungle.net/item/spaghetti-twang/85986 http://audiojungle.net/item/sir-ukulele/155870 and one with real whistling: http://audiojungle.net/item/the-globetrotting-whistler/3777434 All three do well.

I could see using a little of the robotic piano in your song as an effect, but it’s too much for too long. It could use some dynamics, for sure. And yes, DO offer a version without vocals.


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Thanks for the responses. It all helps. No samples. it’s all me!! I am no whistler so will employ my husband in future who is a builder and so can whistle very well hee hee!

The piano was quantized and that’s all, but my sustain pedal is knackered so that might be why you think it sounds a bit robotic, I shall sort that out. But I will make more effort to ensure my piano work sounds natural and not get near a mic with my whistling in future!!!

Thanks for support guys x