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justinfrench Dev says

Hello, support asked me to post here, my ticket ID: RMV-931-97827 i had some 5 stars ratings (maybe 9) with this item Gypsy jazz for Nina [link removed] that desappeared since the new rating system… is there some way to check that and get them back ??

Ok, here’s what’s happened. Before we show a rating on an item, we require a minimum number of ratings to exist. On all marketplaces except AudioJungle, the minimum is 3 ratings. For AudioJungle, the minimum was 1, and in the recent changes, we made this consistent with the other marketplaces (3).

In the case of your item, it has two ratings in the database, but they’ve been hidden from view because of the new minimum is 3, not 1. If it receives one more rating, the average will then be displayed again :)

Mystery solved, sorry that we didn’t communicate that change.

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purethemes says

We’re not exclusively working on Item Support in this sprint either Small, incremental steps in the right direction :)
I smell Scrum :impatient: ;)
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doru says

on this envato owned item it is very clear that the buyer will not receive updates and support.

please write on the same level of clarity for all items.