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wickedpixel says

quick bla.

use teh pixels. :P
the logotip is a filler.

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readactor says

nice catch with the pixels version on image above. look more connected to the name then initial logos.

even at small sizes the logo should be intelligible, but if you are looking just for web usage, is working.

one thing if i may. try to use same creative pattern to all three letters. for instance, two use 1 pixel movement for letter creation, but the “M” use 2. i know with one pixel maybe will look like a “N”, but to be honest, is hard to get is an “M” if you don’t know the brand name, so, with help of the name, a square with a single pixel can be read also like a “M”. :)

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ericbinek says

I kinda like the “pixels version”.

The logo icons look more professional compared to the 1st of the previous posted set.

But the name is falling behind. Focus goes away from the name.

i would combine the white big “Massive” with this above.