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placdarms Envato team says

Hi ActiveDen people. came here from VideoHive asking for your advice. There is this simple problem, which might bee too simple for you, but it’s huge for me as I’m not working with flash and actionscript normaly.

I made a video banner for client that plays separate flv file. banner will be displayed in the separate window or something so in the banner has to be X close button that calls JavaScript.

that part is fine, but the same button also have to kill the video stream. I was searching the forums and Google and all i can find is yourvideoplayername.stop(); which stops video and audio, but doesn’t stop the loading process. I mean – I can see at the bottom of my browser that it is still accessing the third party website and is loading the video content from there – therefore wasting resources while video is already closed.

any help?

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Tean says

Is this video managed with FLVPlayback Class or a custom written video class?

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CodingJack says

If you’re using the FLVPlayback Component, add this:


if your using your own custom player, add this: