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placdarms Reviewer says

I’m looking for an affordable way to occasionally record my band on live events. Looking for a device capable of recording 16tracks simultaneously. Nothing fancy. Would love to spend around 500$, but could stretch to 700 or 800$ if that gives noticeable difference. it could be either standalone device or something that can give 16 inputs to my MacBook Pro.

Obviously I’m not looking here for fancy hi-end studio recorders. the budget pretty much shows it. Basically trying to get best bang for the buck from entry level multitrack recorders.

Any suggestions?

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tobybrez says

Zoom R-16 or R-24

Ooop, I think they’re capable of only 8 tracks at a time. But, that’s a lot.


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joesacco says

Never used one live but they can do up to 18 inputs. Awesome for studio.