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Hi Guys!

I’m after a music player that can do the following…

1 – Display a Graphic Equalizer (real or fake) inside a graphic that I will supply.

2 – a ‘PLAY’ button that plays a random track from the folder of my choice (the player ought to work by reading an XML file, which contains Track Name and Artist)

2b – The play button will change to a PAUSE button when clicked (when the track is playing), and back to PLAY (when the track is paused) when clicked again.

3 – A NEXT button, that pulls another random track from the XML file, and plays this.

4 – overlaid onto the graphic equalizer shold be the Track Name, Artist, and a timer (counting from 00:00 to the lnegth of the currently playing track)

All straightforward so far. In a nutshell – an MP3 player, with an Always-On Shuffle function activated, and no ability to turn it off. It will be placed onto a standard HTML webpage. The graphics you require will be supplied.

This project suits somebody that has already made a music player, and doesn’t mind swapping their own graphics for mine….

I can pay $100 for this service, plus I’ll buy your original MP3 player from ActiveDen too. I know it’s not a great deal of money, but this is because you don’t need to build it from scratch :)


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Hi Republix!

If you find something in my portfolio you like feel free to contact me on my email.

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I am also up for this. You can reach me at my profile page here.

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I can make this for you, i’ve made loads of media players for clients.

Please get in touch, i’m also UK based!