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Is it true that looped tracks sell much better than those with fade out? I am not talking about the best tracks on AJ – of course they sell well. But i believe that looped tracks have bigger potential in stock music business…

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You’re right, but I always provide both versions of my tracks – normal + loopable – and my sales aren’t high at all … I think it’s very important that customers will be 100% satisfied, so yes, looped tracks have bigger potential …

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I personally think and have read about it. If you’re making royalty free music, your music should have an ending. Your buyers who makes videos would want an ending for it. Adding a loop to the tracks would be a great and nice extra bonus for buyers. :D

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Agreed. My first 60 or so tunes were loops only – I’m not sure why I stuck exclusively to loops besides the fact that they seemed to be selling and I didn’t want to mess up a good thing. A lot of the really early ones I didn’t even provide an ending for in the project (which was particularly short sighted, because it makes going back and adding an ending much more difficult when I could have just taken the 5 seconds to let a guitar chord ring out in the first place :P).

Anyway, after getting enough responses from buyers who wanted an ending tacked on I realized that I needed to at a minimum start providing full songs, and as much as possible I’ll now also provide a loopable version in the zip package. This is a little bit of overhead but it is nice for the buyer to have options.

On the other hand, I don’t think I’ve had any buyers ask for a loopable version of a full file. I think most buyers are pretty savvy with audio and can edit as necessary. But again, if the author can provide it in the package that’s a few minutes that a video editor can save, which is nice.

To beat a dead horse, it would be nice to have a “Both” option for loopable file instead of Yes | No only. I know I’ve mentioned it several times before, but you know what they say about the squeaky wheel…

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A dual option as jhunger mentions would be nice. Not every buyer reads the description thoroughly and might miss that there are several options available.

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