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bosone says

i’m a relatively new AJ author, i’m here since a few months. But, anyway, i’m wondering if it has never considered to keep AJ library clean and updated. I mean: there is a HUGE amount of file in the library. While browsing files and categories, I saw a lot of very old songs (maybe 2, 3 years old) that never sold one copy. Is it worthwise to keep these songs in the library? and, maybe, there are songs which sold some copies a long time ago and now they don’t sell anymore. maybe deleting songs which are too old and which does not sell anymore could help in maintaining the library clean and updated, and also may help buyers to find faster the music they’re looking for. i.e. a song which does not sell at least once in two ot three years may not be so appealing anymore, even if it sold 100 times four years ago. It may also be a stimulus for authors to maintaing their library up-to-date, maybe rearranging/lifting old songs which did not sale.

what do you think?

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lucafrancini Reviewer says

Ciao! I’m taking a look at analytics to see what I could delete. As long as I see that people listen to a song, even if they don’t buy it, I leave it in my portfolio. I’ve just delete one, because I saw that had not visit in 2 months.

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soundengine says

Agreed. I’ve just deleted a few.