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Hey Guys,

Over the last 2 months i have started to manage a local band.

Karmas Hollow

Just wanted to make you all aware of their music so u can head over and check it out, feedback would be great! :)

Just a note, the recordings arent perfect by any means as they have been done in the practice room, the band are in the studio in november, so will have some decent recordings on their myspace.

Anyway, check it out, and if you are on facebook, help out and become a fan please!!!



Jay :D

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Yeh they’re a good band, very tight (hate using that word).

Although it’s not something I’d listen to, they do sound decent and yes they need to do a better recording :) (not that it doesn’t sound good, sounds great!) But as you said, they will do. Let me know when they’ve done some new recordings :) Would love to hear it.

Couple of my friends would be more interested in them, I’ll let them know if it comes up ;)