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Great discussion guys! I’m hopeful that the power that be at Envato are cooking up some new and improved license types. It’s a non-brainer , and like Gareth and others have mentioned, the current blanket of ‘one fits all’ (alright two…) simple doesn’t meet all the use cases.

And on the note of incorrectly used licenses, I’ve just submitted a support request as I found an indie film using one of my tracks, which is being sold, but I’ve never sold an extended license for this track. Hopefully this problem can be resolved in an amicable manner.

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I wonder if the AudioJungle portion of the marketplace has gone above and beyond expectations, to get us to this point of needing a broadcast license??

It is my understanding that envato’s main deal is themes and animations. The music portion would have only been created to supply those creators with some audio “on the cheap”... Now, we have this huge RF marketplace that has a foothold in the world market for this type of music in a very short time. I am confident of PinkZebra’s post… I am sure that envato will handle this well, and provide a solution that benefits authors and envato. This is really a GOOD problem to have, kinda like growing pains…

I operate similar to Gareth. I limit the time I spend on each track and use that limitation as a creative tool. Fast, simple and to the point. The custom music that I do, gets lots more time and contains details that I don’t always include in a Royalty Free track… The quality is the same though.

AND congrats Gary!! I have always enjoyed your material!! it’s still cool to hear your stuff on TV, even if the money wasn’t all there…

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Envato team

Oh it definitely grew probably beyond their wildest expectations. The real issue though, is that this started happening about a year and a half ago and they are still playing catch-up, instead of being ahead of the game as they are with so many other marketplaces.

I am not so sure that Envato will handle this well. Envato do a lot of things right, but their track record isn’t unblemished (see TRAX, continued forum debate over many years about search and licensing) and they shouldn’t be given a free pass just because they run a great marketplace. Remember, they still take a significant commission, especially from new authors, and frankly I think they could do more.

There are a number of things that have been promised in the past that have never materialized and that authors have been talking about for quite some time. The main one being the search engine.

Envato’s best asset is actually in a way becoming a liability. The interconnectivity of the marketplaces is one of the things that makes Envato’s network so powerful. However, when it comes to making changes, and as the market grows, that interconnection becomes more restrictive in terms of marketplace development. Thus, I do understand why things take time, but there is very little evidence that any real shift is taking place. Just in terms of production music, I know several companies that have sprung up in a much shorter time and have a way better infrastructure.

One only has to look at the more high-end boutique music suppliers, which for forum rules I can’t name here but they are easy enough to find through composers profiles or homepages – and you realize very fast that the search system in terms of music – is prehistoric.

Envato would almost certainly benefit from some consultancy with different music suppliers and doing research not just in the RF marketplace, but also look at how major production music catalogs supply and license their music. I feel like they are kinda ‘winging it’ at the moment, and that’s clearly working for them as they are turning a profit and have hundreds of new tracks being uploaded, but it will only take them so far. I can understand why they’d be happy to keep things steady here given the amount that they generate.