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Thanks for sharing! It definitely is about time they fixed that. :):)

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Yes, I read about this a couple of days ago. the UK plan to do the same (in a year or so). I hope they also start measures to reduce the volume in cinemas as I think they are way too loud, and my ears hurt after watching a movie these days.

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ah… at first I thought it’s a law that regulates the length of commercials… :) I don’t know if such law already exists, but there are a few TV stations here that are really “wild” with their commercials breaks – it’s not a rare occasion that I forget what I was watching until the commercial break ends :D

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Go Canada! :)

I haven’t noticed this so much in the US during most broadcasts… The problem usually shows up in the wee hours of the morning, when local, amateur commercials pop up with their yelling, screaming, and hee-hawing about ‘THE BEST CAR DEALS IN TOOOOOOOOOOOWN !!’

I’d love to say that there’s a clever marketing ploy behind these ear-splitting commercials - perhaps to wake people up - or even more diabolical, to sneak into one’s dreams and hope they sleepwalk to “Uncle Clem’s 24 Hour Diner, Beauty Parlor, and Used Cars.”.... But I think the real reason is that these companies have smaller budgets (hence why they’re advertising in the cheaper time slots at 3am) which implies that they spend too little on production of their commercials—which means that the producers\editors are probably C or D grade and don’t know any better than to just pump up the volume…. It’s just a theory.

Either way, we’re in the midst of volume wars. Most people drive with their music too loud – damaging ear drums and making it hard to hear emergency vehicles… and while their ears are ringing from the car ride home, they have to turn up the TV at home so they can hear it… Movie theaters are blasting you with soundwaves from every angle to make you ‘feel’ the 50ft explosions from a Hollywood set (but at least THIS volume covers up crying babies and people smacking on their popcorn)... If this keeps up, all the music we’re writing right now will fall on…. deaf.. ears.

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